December 2, 2021 By Sean Adam 0

Miner Direct or Ethically Sourced, what is it?

Here at Raw Gems & Design we have two categories of products that we make available to you, straight from the source. Here we will explain what we mean when we say “miner direct” or “ethically sourced”.

What is Miner Direct?

Miner Direct may be a term that you are unfamiliar with, but get the gist of. I am a miner, and a lot of my friends are also miners, rockhounds or hobbyist that just love minerals.

I personally collect almost all of the crystals and minerals available at the shop and that is why listings are “miner direct”.

The other listings posted as miner direct are crystals and minerals that my friends have collected. I have either supported their small business by buying a lot of their crystals or by trading some of what I have found for some of what they have found. When selling miner direct specimens I will list the location, and the miner for reference.

Miners are Artist , every person has a different vision. Every person will see something different and different people will find different things based on their style and vision.

What is Ethically Sourced?

Crystals and mineral specimens that we list as Ethically Sourced are items that we have curated from worldwide locations. We are either friends with the owner of the mine, the local Rockhounds or we know the supplier is an ethical business person that is supporting the local miners interest. We do not buy crystals and mineral specimens from wholesalers with questionable sources. We will always list the origin of our curated worldwide collections and only support ethically sourced material.