Herkimer Diamond Ring Seraphina iV Stacker


Create your own crystal cluster with our stacker rings.An affordable yet, stylish staple to any jewelry lovers collection. We hand mine each crystal.Our magical Herkimer Diamond Quartz are hand selected for each ring as we create every aspect of this minimalist statement.

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The Seraphina Collection.

Herkimer Diamond Stacker Ring is our most minimal design setting our hand mined natural gemstones in our hand made jewelry. Create your own Herkimer Diamond Cluster that you can wear with this set.

Stack 3 and get the 4th half the normal price!

Each Herkimer Diamond is hand mined by Sean Adam McCardell at our mine in Middleville, Herkimer County New York. Ian Crossman sets the natural gems in settings we make in house at our studios in Maine. Only 4 hands have touched these pieces before they reach you.

We use recycled metals and refine and alloy our own silver and gold.

All jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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