Herkimer Diamonds A+ Per Gram Lot


Discover the unparalleled beauty of our premium Herkimer Diamonds, meticulously mined by hand at the esteemed Rock n Roll Mine. These dazzling gems, sold by the gram, boast exceptional clarity and come from a single origin, ensuring a unique and authentic addition to your gemstone collection.


Direct from our mine ! Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals sold to you by the gram from our Private Mine location “Rock N Roll Mine” in Middleville, Herkimer County..

+ The pieces shown are for reference and the lot will be chosen at the time of purchase. You are able to specify small, medium, large or a mix of the 3.

+ Add more units to your order + To order more than one gram.
25.00 per gram A Quality Naturally Faceted, Double Terminated Crystals.
Please Note: Black Carbon included A+ Quality Gems are Extremely Rare and Adds To The Cost.
Availability of Color Tones changes based on our current stock.

Key Features:
High Clarity: Our Herkimer Diamonds are renowned for their exceptional clarity, a testament to the meticulous mining process employed at Rock n Roll Mine. Each gem is hand-selected to meet the highest standards of quality, exhibiting a brilliance and transparency that sets them apart from the rest. The clarity of these diamonds allows for maximum light refraction, creating a mesmerizing play of colors and sparkle.
Single Origin: Experience the purity of Herkimer Diamonds with our single-origin gems, sourced exclusively from Rock n Roll Mine. Located in the heart of Herkimer County, New York, this mine is celebrated for its rich deposits of these unique double-terminated quartz crystals. Our commitment to a single origin ensures that each gemstone carries the distinct characteristics and energies of the Herkimer diamond, making them a truly special and authentic addition to your collection.
Mined by Hand: At Rock n Roll Mine, we prioritize craftsmanship and precision over mass production. Our skilled artisans employ traditional hand-mining techniques to extract each Herkimer Diamond with care and expertise. This hands-on approach not only preserves the natural integrity of the crystals but also enhances their overall quality. The result is a collection of Herkimer Diamonds that reflects the dedication and passion invested in their extraction.
Rock n Roll Mine Heritage: Immerse yourself in the legacy of Rock n Roll Mine, a renowned establishment with a storied history of gemstone extraction. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices ensures that each Herkimer Diamond is responsibly sourced, supporting the local community and minimizing environmental impact. When you choose our Herkimer Diamonds, you become a part of a tradition that values authenticity and craftsmanship.
Versatile Gram-Sold Packages: Our Herkimer Diamonds are available in convenient gram-sold packages, allowing you the flexibility to select the quantity that suits your preferences and needs. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice enthusiast, these gram-sold gems make it easy to incorporate the beauty of Herkimer Diamonds into your jewelry creations, meditation practices, or as exquisite standalone pieces.
Elevate your gemstone collection with the brilliance and authenticity of our premium Herkimer Diamonds. Mined by hand at Rock n Roll Mine, each gem is a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to quality that defines our legacy. Immerse yourself in the world of these exquisite crystals and let the natural beauty of Herkimer Diamonds captivate your senses.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Large, Medium, Small

Color Tone

Black, Grey, Smokey, Water Clear


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