February 17, 2024 By Sean Adam 0

Hand Made Jewelry And Mine Direct Gemstones

Our name says it all, Raw Gems and Design. Two Artist collaboration to create collections of jewelry with an Artist outlook, as well as sourcing the gemstones directly from the mine. Sean Adam McCardell and Ian Crossman are not only Artist that create jewelry together, they are both Miners by trade and Own the Mines they work. Sean Adam unearths Herkimer Diamonds at Rock N Roll Mine in Middleville, New York. Ian is a Jeweler & Miner in Maine and has discovered Aquamarine (Beryl) Crystals and many other associated Minerals at his mine. Pine Tree Relics and Rock N Roll Mine, are .. Raw Gems Design.

Both Ian and Sean design the collections of jewelry together with drawings, ideas and the use of more modern means. Ian executes all aspects of the jewelry creation at the Jewlers Bench in Maine. Meanwhile, in Herkimer County cleaning, sorting and grading thousands of crystals occurs to find the absolute best material for setting into our Rings and Pendants. For one year, designs were created and some were destroyed, melted and done over. Hundreds of designs and a dozen months of trial and error have led us finally to unveil our first Designer Jewelry Collaboration, The Seraphina Collection.

Our first collection of jewelry is available now at our SHOP

The Seraphina Collection sets all natural Herkimer Diamond Crystals into a simple design made with the highest grade 92.5 Silver. Each Ring or Pendant is a one of a kind, uncut natural crystal, just as it was formed in the Earth over 350 Million Years ago! Rock N Roll Mine in Middleville, New York produces some of the highest grade World Class Crystals available on the market today. Each Crystal has been hand mined, without the use of any machines, and only 4 hands have touched it to create the amazing wearable art that displays this geological wonder!  All of the materials used in the making of our jewelry are recycled metals and ethically mined gemstones that we mined personally at our mine.

All Raw Gems Design Jewelry is Guaranteed For Life. 

We also create bespoke jewelry based on your ideas, to schedule a design meeting with Sean Adam please e-mail us via our contact page or any of the information provided there.

You can see full videos of the mining process at our You Tube Channel.